About Us

Table Ten Digital Marketing is restaurant and hospitality marketing for the digital age. The days of reaching customers via print, tv, radio and word of mouth alone are over. Now, your customers are doing their research online, and that’s exactly where we meet them. Our dedicated staff of Social Media Specialists, SEO Nerds, and Content Writing Geniuses will tailor a custom online marketing strategy that’s all about building a strong online presence for your brand. So, why the heck are we doing this? Well, the numbers truly do speak for themselves:

  • 89% percent of people say they have researched a restaurant online before dining there. (AIS Media)
  • Of those 89% of people, 57% indicated that prior to selecting a restaurant they view the restaurant’s Web site. And 33% view otherconsumer’s reviews online prior to dining. (AIS Media)
  • 80% of people go on to do additional research after receiving a restaurant recommendation from someone else.
  • 87% of people say email marketing has impact on their purchasing decisions. (Forrester Research)
  • 90% of internet users only click on the top 10 results on search engines
  • 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision. (Nielson)